Career Opportunities

Since when did working in IT mean not having a stake in something bigger (and not reaping the rewards for a successful consulting relationship)?


First, we work hard to find the balance between our customer needs and your professional needs.  We seek consultants who want to understand our clients- matching their skills, professional conduct, and career aspirations with the client’s mission, culture and project objectives.  We pride ourselves in delivering engagements where our consultants look forward to working with our clients on their business priorities on a daily basis.


We emphasize flexible working relationships, providing opportunities for contract, hourly and full-time employment.  In many cases, we can even arrange contracts that result in full-time employment opportunities with our customers.


We answer the mystery of billing rate distribution through full transparency and by investing our revenues back into the force driving our business: our consultants.  Consultants are easily able to identify their ‘share’ of the revenue stream while having direct access to a greater portion of billing revenues by participating in our sales and recruiting process.


This participation not only increases consultant take-home pay, it increases Logic360’s effectiveness hiring top-notch employees and securing longer-term relationships with clients.  Logic360’s approach aligns everyone’s interests with our customers- breaking down the traditional barriers between delivery, sales and management.  Our consultants have a personal and tangible stake in our customers’ satisfaction and success.


In other words,

when we say our consultants hold the key to our success,

we mean it!


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